HAKKO Soldering Accessories
IMPORTANT: The soldering iron holders listed below are designed for Hakko soldering irons. Using another brand may cause damage to the Hakko soldering iron as the iron may not rest properly into the holder. If the iron comes in contact with the metal surface of the holder while it is hot, the entire holder may serve as a heat sink and heat up the soldering iron handpiece to melting temperatures. Think before you decide to use another aftermarket brand.



This mat is the perfect work surface for stained glass and decorative soldering projects. Made from all natural rubber, the mat’s smooth, matt surface is easy to clean, reduces glare and features a non-skid backing that reduces unwanted sliding or movement.

• 2-layer all natural rubber
• Measures 24”W x 16”H
• Heat resistant up to 600°F
• Solder spatter can be easily brushed off
• Gray neutral color
HAKKO Part Number: SC-1003-SG

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Iron Holder
Iron Holder
Iron Holder

Soldering iron holder with 599B tip cleaner. For use with the Hakko FX-601, 556SE, 456, 455, and 918 irons.

P/N: 633-01/P

Soldering iron holder with sponge. For use with the Hakko FX-601, 556SE, 456, 455, and 918 irons.

P/N: 633-02/P

Replacement sponge
P/N: A1519/P

Soldering iron holder with sponge. For use with all irons.

P/N: 602/P

Replacement sponge
P/N: 602-029/P

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Tip Cleaner
Tip Cleaning Paste

Non-abrasive brass coils clean your soldering iron tip without water. An ideal alternative to the wet sponge.

P/N: 599B/P

Tip cleaner refill
P/N: 599-029/P

The Hakko FS-100 paste re-tins and helps restore heavily oxidized soldering iron tips back to useful life. 100% lead-free. The flux does not contain Diammonium phosphate and does not leave a harmful residue.

For optimum performance, use in conjunction with the Hakko 599B tip cleaner.

P/N: FS100-01/P

These ergonomic shears are sharp and cut foil like it was butter. They are also more comfortable to use than scissors.

• Ergonomic handles
• Great for foil and decorative design work

Once you try them you will never want to use those old, dull scissors again.

P/N: CS-30-L/P