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FX-601 Temp Control
Temperature Conversion
T19-D65 (1/4") TIP

The FX-601 is the next generation of adjustable temp-controlled soldering irons from Hakko. This small, lightweight iron will outperform the most popular 100W soldering irons on the market today. Ideal for all your stained glass apps, from small decorative projects to windows.

• Ceramic heating element
• Adjustable "electronic" temperature control
• No rheostat needed
• Set the temp you want
• 464° — 1004°F
• 240° — 540°C
• Heats faster than the 556SE
• Heats 5X faster than a 456
• Super Fast thermal recovery
• Extremely lightweight
• Ergonomic handpiece
• Durable strain relief
• 3-wire power cord
• Extra long 6 ft. power cord
• UL/CSA Approved
• 67W/120V
• T19-D5 std tip (~3/16")

• Download User Manual

P/N: FX601-02/P

The FX-601 is sold worldwide and the international standard for measurement is the metric system. The United States is the only industrialized country in the world that does not use the metric system as its official system of measurement.

Since there is not enough room to print both °F and °C on the handle, the international Celsius standard was used.

If you don't have a clue how to convert °C to °F, a very simple method (and somewhat close approximation—for stained glass work anyway) is to just double the Celsuis value.

So, using the doubling method, about 500 °C is equal to about 1000 °F. This method will bring you within the general ballpark.

If you are still having problems wrapping your mind around these temperature readings, think rheostat. Rheostats have no temp readings or settings on them, and people have been using them just fine for years.

Use this tip with your FX-601 for wide soldering applications.

NOTE: The standard tip that comes with the FX-601 is the same size as the standard tip that came with the Hakko 456 (3/16")

So if you need a wider tip, don't confuse the FX-601 standard tip with the 456 standard tip thinking the 456 tip was better suited for your soldering applications.

If you have a soldering application that requires a wider tip, use the T19-D65 (1/4") tip.

Part Number: T19-D65/P

503 RED Soldering Iron
456 Tips
455 Tips

The Hakko 503 RED iron is an economical and lightweight soldering iron.

The 503 heats up over 900°F and is an ideal soldering iron for beginners, students and hobbyists.

This is a popular iron for stained glass artisians working on their first stained glass project. 60W/120V.

P/N: 503F-V12ED/P

• Ceramic heating element
• Heats up to 1110°F

If you have a 456 soldering iron, replacement tips are available.

• Ceramic heating element
• Heats up to 1,110°F

If you have a 455 soldering iron, replacement tips are available.

Temp Adjustment Tool
918 Tips
936 Tips

The small, blue tool that comes with the FX-601 is a temperature adjustment tool used by electronic "process control" engineers and supervisors to set and lock the iron temperature so operators cannot accidentally or intentionally change the temperature of the iron. This is particularly useful when soldering delicate or temperature sensitive electronic components.

The dial must be removed in order to access the temp adjustment pot with the tool.

This tool is not needed by stained glass artisans.

If you have a 918 soldering iron, replacement tips are available.

If you have a 936-13 soldering station, replacement tips are available.



556 SE Ceramic Heater

A 556 SE replacement, ceramic heating element is available.

Note: Abuse can cause permanent damage to the heating element.

Do not bang the iron against a table to remove solder from the iron's tip. This can cause the heating element to crack/break.

Do not press the iron down onto a hard surface. Excessive stress can cause the heating element to crack/break.

Do not use the iron to pry things up like you would with a screwdriver.

If you suspect you have a broken heating element, unless you are proficient at soldering small delicate wires onto a printed circuit board, we recommended you send the iron to American Hakko for repair.

P/N: 918-H-V12/P