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Glass Craft Bead Expo
South Point Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, NV
Booth #1003
Apr. 5-7, 2019

Heat Resistant up to 600°F
24"W x 16"H
Protect your work bench/table from solder spatter, flux and other chemicals.


A HAKKO Dealer Testimonial

Having been in business for 15 years we have sold many soldering irons. We started with one popular name brand (Weller), and for a few years had no problems. Then they moved their operation to Mexico and quality went with them. When customers returned bad irons within warranty (of which there were many) our distributer would not take them back and told us we must have our customers contact the manufacturer directly. We then sought out a replacement. eventually we found one (DTI), which was a Chinese knock-off of the previous brand. All was well for a while, until they started failing. Fortunately their customer service was great, but after a while, so many irons were being returned that it was time to find another replacement. Right about then Hakko started marketing to the stained glass industry. We tried one and fell in love. The weight is nice and light, the balance is perfect and the price is competitive. We use them in our studio, and in our classroom which, of course, becomes the iron that new students buy when building their own workspace. Hakko irons are now the only soldering irons we sell. We carry the 503 and the FX-601, selling the 601 most of the time. Thanks for a great soldering iron.

Dave Lomas

Debra Doucette

D & D Stained Glass

Millsboro, DE


A Hakko FX-601 Testimonial

It was an enjoyable time to meet the artists, teachers and vendors. As I mentioned, the Hakko soldering iron has made a big difference in my enjoyment in making stained glass projects.  

My first soldering iron was a real cheap model sold as part of the required tool package by my first teacher. It was a piece of junk, didn't have a brand name on it. My second teacher told me to replace that one with a Weller model, which was much better than the first. Then as I got more experienced, I bought myself the Hakko after reading the reviews and recommendations of others. My soldering skills improved immediately. Hakko is the only brand I will ever buy or recommend now.

I took my Hakko soldering iron to a week long workshop at Cedar Lakes in West Virginia.  After the instructor used mine, he purchased Hakko's as he renewed his class supplies for the next year. He loved the quality and lightness.

Thanks for providing such a terrific product.

Nancy Curl

A Hakko FX-601 Testimonial

I met you [Chris] early on the first day of the show in Las Vegas and told you of my recent experience with my Hakko soldering iron. You asked if I'd send in an e-mail testimonial, which I am glad to do. Here it is.

"I have been a stained glass hobbyist for 27 years.  In that time I have been happy with all aspects of my craft except my soldering.  Despite classes, books, and watching lots of 'how to' videos on You Tube I just could not get my solder lines to be smooth and 'finished' looking. 

I tried a variety of irons (principally Weller), and even used a separate rheostat controller, but nothing gave me the results I was looking for.  Six months ago I was at Franklin Art Glass in Columbus, Ohio, discussing the problem with their staff.  They recommended I try the Hakko FX 601 soldering iron, as well as the Hakko 400 Smoke Absorber.  My first attempt using this tool was good, with some noticeable improvement in my soldering results.  It was on the second and third use, as I became more familiar with how the capabilities of the iron (so much different than what I was used to) that I realized what a leap in performance this tool represented, and how much it could help me achieve the results I'd been trying to get for years.  It was like I had been driving a mini-van, and suddenly was driving a sports car. 

Bottom line, the Hakko FX-601 has allowed me to improve the quality and look of my soldering more in 6 months than I had in the previous 26 and a half years.  I know that as I continue to work with the tool and learn its abilities my art will also continue to improve, because I am no longer limited by the ability of my equipment.

Thank you for making such a well-engineered and well-constructed product."

I've attached a photo of a panel I recently completed using the Hakko iron (see below.)  You cannot see the soldering, but it gives you an idea of the type of glass work I do.  As a side note, in my full time job I am a licensed Professional Engineer, working for NASA.  I appreciate that you need the right tool for the job, and I'm glad I found it (and the smoke absorber works great, too!)

Thanks again,

Keith Peecook

Watch and see how fast the FX-601 ceramic heating element heats up to temperature compared to the 456 soldering iron.

Hakko FX-601 — T19-D65 tip (shown on left)

People have been telling us they want a wider tip for the FX-601 for wide stained glass soldering applications. The FX-601 comes with the same standard tip as the Hakko 456 (3/16") and like the 456, there is a wider tip for the FX-601.

If you want a wider tip for your FX-601, use the Hakko T19-D65 (1/4") tip.

Part Number: T19-D65/P

The FX-601 Adjustable Temperature-Controlled Soldering Iron

"Soooo cute! Freekin' awesome!! Had no problems keeping it's heat and it's so lightweight!" — Marilyn Ellison, Borealis Glass

"Hakko has done it again!  I absolutely love the new FX-601 soldering iron!!! It is so light that the power comes as a very pleasant surprise. The speed of the soldering iron is wonderful.  Not only does it hold its heat while I solder (and I can solder VERY swiftly) but it heats up to desired temperature almost from the moment it is plugged in.

"The new temp dial really works! Not like the old dial on the handle irons of the past. This one reacted with surprising agility to deliver the desired temperature. I soldered quickly one minute, then dialed the temp down to do some decorative soldering, then back up to full speed soldering with very little down time waiting for the iron to catch up.

"I did not think you could improve on the 456 Pro Iron but I am glad to see that you did.  You have a definite hit and I have a new favorite to sell to my customers. Thank you, thank you" — Rebecca Hite, Manager, A Stained Glass Station, LLC

(shown below) Marilyn Ellison's soldering work using the Hakko FX-601 soldering iron